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About Purple Bucket Compost


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Purple Bucket Compost (PBC) is a veteran owned and operated Public Benefit Corporation with the mission of promoting composting in Colorado.  Corey & Amber McCool launched PBC in 2021 with just a few buckets and a shovel.  Today, PBC is grateful to be serving hundreds of local residents, businesses, and community organizations. 


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Since 2021, PBC has been the only community composter in the Bailey, Conifer, and Evergreen areas of Colorado. Our family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids) has composted nearly 100 tons of food scraps and counting! 

What if other people are willing to compost for members of their community too?

Gardeners? Farmers? Churches? Community Organizations? Schools? Prisons? Scouts? Nonprofits?  Hmmm? 

Onward to

Onward to

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In 2024, PBC is connecting people who have food scraps with local composters who can turn that waste into valuable compost. Our goal is to promote hyperlocal composting and reduce food waste in our communities. 

Anyone willing to help should be supported and we're here to do that! 

If you'd like to have unlimited compost for your garden or farm by accepting food waste from a few neighbors into your compost pile, CLICK HERE.

If you'd like to go even further and launch your own COMMERCIAL composting venture, we can help with that too!  PBC can host your services on our website, manage customer payments, provide equipment, tools, and much more. In a nutshell, we make everything easy so you can focus on composting.  From volunteer to side hustle to commercial composter, we can guide you through it!  

We do it everyday and you can too!

We can help!



With our base of operations in Bailey, Colorado, PBC is now open to any composter who's willing to do the dirty work. We may be in your neighborhood already...

Click here to see all of our service options.

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1.  Composting your food scraps reduces landfill waste and landfill-generated greenhouse gases. 


2.  Compost enhances soil quality, increasing nutrient content and the soil's ability to retain moisture.

3.  Compost increases crop yield and supports carbon sequestration.  

4.  By distributing the compost created by your food scraps to local farms, we're working to build more resilient mountain communities with greater food security.

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We (Corey & Amber) are both disabled veterans (US Air Force).  We live and compost in Bailey, along with our 2 kids, dogs, chickens, ducks, and guinea pigs.

Corey served as a member and as Chair of Colorado's CDPHE Pollution Prevention Advisory Board Assistance Committee.  The PPABAC's primary responsibility is to identify promising recycling and composting projects by analyzing grant proposals. The resulting projects divert hundreds of thousands of tons of waste away from Colorado landfills annually. 

Amber and her service dog Felix visit schools and other organizations around the foothills to talk about the importance of composting. They also led elementary school lunchroom composting pilot programs in our foothills community schools!

PBC was chosen to participate in NextCycle Colorado 2023!  This accelerator is helping PBC to better support the growing composting community in Colorado.

PBC is proud to have the "Homegrown by Heroes" label on our Compost!  As members of the Farmer Veteran Coalition, we're proud to be veteran farmers, and to support other veterans in their agricultural ventures.

PBC donates compost to local gardens, parks, and community organizations throughout the area.  We also offer compost programs for partner farms and homesteads at no charge.  Please CONTACT US to learn more.

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