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About Purple Bucket Compost


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Purple Bucket Compost (PBC) is a veteran owned and operated Colorado small business with the mission of promoting composting and sustainable living.  Corey & Amber McCool launched PBC in 2021 with just a few buckets and a shovel.  Today, PBC is grateful to be serving hundreds of local residents, businesses, and community organizations. 


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PBC provides food scrap recycling services to residential and commercial customers in the communities of Bailey and Conifer, CO.  We collect the food scraps, compost them, and return finished compost shares to our customers. 

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PBC currently serves ​Bailey, Conifer, and most places in between.   

Commercial service is available onsite at businesses in the Bailey and Conifer areas.  Feel free to CONTACT US to confirm availability of commercial service at your address.

Click here to see all of our service options.



1.  Composting your food scraps reduces landfill waste and landfill-generated greenhouse gases. 


2.  Compost enhances soil quality, increasing nutrient content and the soil's ability to retain moisture.

3.  Compost increases crop yield and supports carbon sequestration.  

4.  By distributing the compost created by your food scraps to local farms, we're working to build more resilient mountain communities with greater food security.

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Corey & Amber are both disabled veterans (US Air Force).  We live and compost in Bailey, along with our 2 kids, dogs, cat, goats, chickens, ducks, fish, and guinea pigs.

Corey served as Chair of Colorado's CDPHE Pollution Prevention Advisory Board Assistance Committee.

Amber and her service dog Felix visit schools and other organizations around the foothills to talk about the importance of composting, and to share tips & tricks for sorting your waste.

PBC was chosen to participate in NextCycle Colorado 2023!  This accelerator is helping PBC to better support the growing composting community in Colorado.

PBC is proud to have the "Homegrown by Heroes" label on our Compost!  As members of the Farmer Veteran Coalition, we're proud to be veteran farmers, and to support other veterans in their agricultural ventures.

PBC donates compost to local gardens, parks, and community organizations throughout the area.  We also offer compost programs for partner farms and homesteads at no charge.  Please CONTACT US to learn more.


Can I put "compostable" plastic in my Purple Bucket?

NO, THANK YOU.  In most cases, these items only break down properly in an industrial composting facility.  Please skip the plastic bags and place your compostable food scraps directly into your Purple Bucket.

Why don't you accept meat & dairy?

While these items will break down, they also increase odors and attract wildlife.  We MUST ensure that our operations do not negatively impact our neighbors OR our host businesses in any way.  

Why is there water in the bottom of my clean Purple Bucket?


During the cleaning process, water makes its way under the black ring around the edge of the bucket (where the lid attaches).  In warmer months, this water evaporates fairly quickly.  In colder months, the water can quickly freeze, only to thaw and drip down into the bucket later.

My Purple Bucket has an odor ... is this normal?


While every Purple Bucket is pressure washed and wiped by hand, they are still waste receptacles.  Detecting odors while the lid is open is normal.  We recommend a COUNTERTOP BIN for the kitchen, allowing you to leave the Purple Bucket closed and/or in a less traveled part of the home.  Many countertop options, including OURS, are dishwasher safe for a fresher kitchen experience.

Why do I have to subscribe with an autopayment instead of manually paying each month?


Subscriptions (autopayments) reduce our operating costs significantly, as billing, manual payment processing, and collections are all very time-consuming and expensive processes.  This allows us to offer the lowest rate possible.  There are no commitments or contracts, and you are welcome to cancel at any time without a penalty.

Won't bears and other animals be attracted to the buckets and Purple Bucket Exchange Stations?


Not likely.  With over 5,600 Purple Buckets collected to date, we have never had an issue with wildlife.  In fact, our only sources of damage have been dogs and humans.  Please do not let your dog use the Purple Bucket as a chew toy : )  And for the vandals out there, please remember that we are a small business trying to provide a service to our community.  Thank you! 

Why don't you list a contact phone number?


We work all throughout the foothills, including several areas without steady cell service.  Please CONTACT US here or email directly to  We will respond as quickly as possible with our undivided attention

Thank you!

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