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Purple Bucket Compost is a veteran owned and operated small business with the mission of increasing composting and sustainable living practices in and around Bailey, Conifer, and Evergreen, Colorado.  After living all over Colorado, we landed in Bailey in 2019.  We spend much of our time running our backyard farm, where our adventure in composting began years ago.  We're doing what we can to reduce our landfill contributions and are hoping that our like-minded neighbors will join us on that mission.  The more the merrier.

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PBC founder, Corey McCool, serves as vice-chair of the State of Colorado's Pollution Prevention Advisory Board Assistance Committee (PPABAC).  The PPABAC's primary role is to make recommendations on the dispersion of grant funds, specifically those originating from the Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity (RREO) Fund. RREO grants are budgeted to promote economic development through the management of materials that would otherwise be landfilled. The PPABAC assesses all qualifying applications and provides recommendations to the Pollution Prevention Advisory Board.  Corey is grateful for the opportunity to serve the beautiful state of Colorado! 

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Residential Services include:

Commercial Services include:

PBC also operates a Sustainability Shop, allowing us to continue the conversation about sustainable living beyond the topic of composting.  Check out the Sustainability Shop HERE.  


PBC partners with local schools, PTAs, non-profits, and more to develop and promote educational programs emphasizing the importance of proper waste management techniques, including composting and recycling.  We'd love to work with your organization!

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions...

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Getting started is easy.  Sign Up for commercial collection or self-service options here.  You'll receive a welcome email within a few hours detailing your commercial collection schedule or instructions for using a residential self-service location.  Not sure what to put inside your Purple Bucket?  Take a look at the quick-reference label on your bucket for a breakdown of what can and can't go inside.  No Meat, Bones, Dairy, or Bread.  You can find additional details here.   That's it!


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Click here for details on every Purple Bucket Exchange Station


We currently serve Bailey, Conifer, and Evergreen. Residential self-service locations, shown in the map to the left, can be utilized by anyone, whether in town or an hour's drive away. We are working to get boxes placed in convenient locations all over the foothills to provide a food waste solution for everyone.

Commercial collection is available throughout much of the mapped area. If you would like to confirm COMMERCIAL service is available for your address, please email or go HERE to submit a request.  

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We began making compost distributions in June of 2022!  Our customers earn a "share" of compost each year.  For 2022, that share is a 5 Gallon Purple Bucket full of compost.  We use the buckets to avoid additional packaging waste.  *We do not sell finished compost at this time.*

One of our objectives is to educate our community about the importance of composting.  As part of that mission, we plan to donate finished compost for school gardens, assisted living planting events, and other community gardens & events, as possible (beginning 2022).  Please send requests for donated compost HERE.  Please ensure all requests are for community-based (not private) events/projects.

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FREE compost for Evergreen Community Garden at Buchanan Park.  Donated by Purple Bucket Compost customers. Thank you PBC community!


FREE compost for Evergreen's Buffalo Park Community Garden.  Donated by Purple Bucket Compost customers. Thank you PBC community!

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FREE compost for the flower gardens at Beaver Ranch Park.  Special thank you to Ted, the park manager, and the rest of his crew for feeding those pollinator gardens! Donated by Purple Bucket Compost customers. Thank you PBC community! 


The 1st of many Compost Days during Wilmot Elentary School's compost pilot program.  Student volunteers and members of the Green Team Superheroes worked with PBC to sort cafeteria waste and teach the kids about composting!

Marshdale Elementary's 1st Compost Day!  With support from the PTA, we work to educate students on how to sort their waste and how to live more sustainably.  Data from our pilot programs will help to identify full scale solutions that will reduce landfill waste from each participating school. 

Dirty Buckets
Dirty Buckets

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Donating Compost to Community Gardens
Donating Compost to Community Gardens

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More Test Bins
More Test Bins

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Dirty Buckets
Dirty Buckets

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Compost Distribution 2022.jpg

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