Composting and the protection of our natural resources takes a community!  Businesses from all over the foothills have joined us in these efforts and they're making it easy for you to join too!  By hosting conveniently located Purple Bucket Exchange Stations, offering special discounts to PBC customers, and doing their part to compost and reduce waste in our local community, these businesses make it all possible!  We invite local businesses to join us and add an offer to connect with your like-minded eco-friendly neighbors!  

Below is a list of businesses and organizations that have joined us on our mission to reduce landfill waste in the Bailey, Conifer, and Evergreen areas.  Check out the SPECIAL DEALS they're offering to PBC composters!  These offers are subject to change without notice and are not binding.  Check back regularly to see new offers.  PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SHOW YOUR PBC WELCOME EMAIL (as proof of membership), if requested by the business.


Thank you!

GTS Logo.jpg

The Green Team Superheroes is a Presidents' Environmental Youth Award-winning  program that builds lifelong leaders in sustainability through a student led, real-world, project-based program. Each Green Team Superhero is assigned a classroom in their school to lead and monitor while conducting sustainability audits, delivering presentations, and implementing school wide contests. They proudly wear their green superhero capes and convey their message to their peers, becoming not only champions in sustainability, but leaders throughout the building.


Every school can create a Green Team Superheroes program and empower the entire community to make a difference. With the leadership of founder Lisa Dewil, she will work with key school staff to implement and execute a program that delivers maximum results. It’s flexible, cost-effective, impactful and fun! The time is now to start a Green Team Superheroes program in your area, because together, we can make a difference.

Thank you Green Team Superheroes for all of your efforts AND for collaborating with PBC to further reduce waste in our schools WHILE growing a new generation of eco-conscious leaders!  


The Giggling Goat (formerly Tony's Coffee Shack) offers some of Bailey's finest coffees, salads, sandwiches, ice cream, and much more!

Stay tuned as The Giggling Goat is adding new stuff all the time!

SPECIAL DEAL: PBC customers get 10% off!

Thank you to everyone at The Giggling Goat for sending us your coffee grounds and food scraps, and for joining us on this composting mission!

mrc logo.jpg

The Mountain Resource Center provides several programs and services to assist residents of West Jefferson and Park counties.  Through the tireless efforts of their staff members and volunteers, the Mountain Resource Center offers assistance with food, utilities, education, and so much more!

Thank you to the entire team at the Mountain Resource Center for all of your selfless efforts!  And a special thank you from Purple Bucket for hosting a Purple Bucket Exchange Station, and for all of your other efforts to minimize food waste!

Daddys Homemade secondary.png

Daddy's Homemade Syrup creates delicious, all-natural, homemade syrups right here in Evergreen!  With over 60 flavors to choose from, there's something for even the pickiest eaters.  Check out their sampler packs or join their membership program and keep your pantry stocked!

We're happy to take away all of their compostable waste and thankful to have this amazing local family business with us on this composting mission!

SPECIAL DEAL: PBC customers get 10% off!  Check your PBC welcome email OR email for the discount code to use during checkout at!

Thank you Daddy's Homemade Syrup!


For over 35 years, Bailey Depot Feed has been supplying hay, grain, and pet food to the residents of Bailey and the surrounding areas.


Located in Delwood Square, just northeast of the Platte Canyon Fire Protection Station #2 at the top of Crow Hill, they have what you need to feed everything from dogs & cats to chickens & goats.  

SPECIAL DEAL: PBC customers get 10% off when they are exchanging their Purple Buckets!

Bailey Depot Feed is also the host of Bailey's first Purple Bucket

Exchange Station.  Thank you Bailey Depot Feed!

Aspen Park Vet Hospital Logo2.png

Aspen Park Vet Hospital provides compassionate, holistic and conventional veterinary and wellness services to assist your dog, cat, horse, fish, and other pets live the longest, happiest and healthiest life you ever dreamed possible! Located across from King Soopers on HWY 285 in Conifer, Aspen Park Vet Hospital also hosts a Purple Bucket Exchange Station! Swap your Purple Bucket and take care of your pets in the same trip! 

That's not all! Aspen Park Vet Hospital offers a 10% discount to Purple Bucket Composters!  

*Please note: 10% discount applies to services at the time of visit only. Exclusions include medications, foods, and nutritional supplements.*

SPECIAL DEAL: PBC customers get 10% off!

Thank you to the entire team at Aspen Park Vet Hospital for everything you do for the animals AND for your efforts supporting a more sustainable community!

echo logo.1.png

Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO) offers several assistance programs to the people in and around the Evergreen area.  Whether feeding the public through their food pantry, helping to pay bills to keep the heat on, or just offering a compassionate ear, the employees and volunteers at EChO are angels in our community.

Thank you to everyone at EChO for understanding and supporting our mission and for hosting Evergreen's 1st Purple Bucket Exchange Station!

C&K 3_edited.jpg

Castles and Kitchens brings together food and travel in exciting ways through both travel-inspired food AND food-inspired travel experiences.  Check out for this week's menu and experience one of their amazing take out options, available every Thursday.  They also offer cooking classes, frozen heat & eat selections, and fully curated food-inspired travel experiences.


Thank you to Francesca and Tom for hosting our Conifer Marketplace Purple Bucket Exchange Station!

SPECIAL DEAL: PBC customers can stop by on THURSDAYS from NOON-6PM to sample this week's highlighted dessert! 


The menu changes weekly so stop by and subscribe to their email updates at the bottom of the home page.  Enjoy!

KGS logo.jpg

Kittredge General Store holds a very special place in our hearts.  Before our adventure brought us to Bailey, our family spent a few years living in Kittredge.  One of our favorite traditions was Taco Tuesdays at KGS.  Brian's tacos are amazing!  Don't stop at the tacos ... they make 14 different varieties of breakfast and lunch burritos and they're just as great as the tacos!  They always have some ready to grab on the go without waiting!

The Kittredge General Store also hosts one of our Purple Bucket Exchange Stations! 

SPECIAL DEAL: PBC customers get a free cup of coffee each time they exchange their Purple Buckets!

Thank you Kittredge General Store!


Mudslingers Drive-Thru Coffee is a locally owned and operated drive-thru coffee (and more) shop.  Whether you’re looking for a latte, a sweet espresso treat with a kick, a 100% natural Fruit Slinger, a name-your-flavor Italian Soda, or a cup of perfectly balanced Mudslingers Signature Blend coffee, they’ve got you covered.

Mudslingers' efficient drive-thru only concept, along with their composting efforts, show their commitment to doing more while wasting less.

SPECIAL DEAL: PBC customers get 10% off on Sundays!

Thank you Mudslingers!

Marshdale General Store Logo.png

Since 2017, Lowry's Marshdale General Store has provided neighbors with a convenient place to pick up groceries, gas, and AMAZING food from their in-house kitchen!  Did you know the food scraps from that kitchen get composted?​  It's true!

SPECIAL DEAL: PBC customers get a free cup of coffee or cocoa each time they exchange their Purple Buckets!

MGS hosts PBC's Marshdale Purple Bucket Exchange Station!  Thank you Marshdale General Store!

Kings Emporium.jpg

Kings Emporium & Mercantile is a gold mine of local art, crafts, antiques, jewely, gifts, and much much more.  They house hundreds of items, many of which are handmade by local artists.  They also host dozens of events every year, from flea markets and car shows to farmers markets.

As the host to our very 1st Purple Bucket Exchange Station, they hold a special place in our hearts.  They've allowed us to better serve dozens of households in the area.

Thank you Kings Emporium!

Riverbend Eatery.png

Come by Riverbend Eatery in Bailey for some amazing made-from-scratch pizza, a juicy burger, or a delicious pasta entrée.  Have a beer and stay for Trivia Night on Tuesdays! 


This is a beautiful dining location right on the river in Bailey!  We're excited to see all of Riverbend Eatery's compostable food scraps going into the compost piles!

SPECIAL DEAL: PBC customers get one free fountain drink with the purchase of an entrée!


Thank you Riverbend Eatery!

Conex Gradient white.jpg

ConexSmart is one of the fastest growing companies in the mil-aero sector.  Since 2017, ConexSmart has supported programs across all military branches, along with several companies in the private sector.  They offer built-to-spec wiring harnesses, engineering services, as well as logistics support designed to get the finished product to those who need it as quickly as possible.  ConexSmart sponsored our very first Purple Bucket Exchange Station, and for that we are very grateful!

Thank you ConexSmart!


Drop by the Chill Squirrel Trading Company, in Bailey behind the Rustic Station restaurant, and check out the most eclectic little shop in Bailey, filled with things people want and animals need.

Chill Squirrel has everything from squirrel feeders to human food, from bath bombs to bird baths.  As fellow DIY composters, we know they're doing their part to live more sustainably.  Thank you Chill Squirrel!

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