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Businesses, organizations, and individuals from all over the foothills have joined us to reduce landfill waste through composting.  

Click below to learn how you can make a difference!  Reduce food waste and landfill-generated greenhouse gases while serving your community!

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Host a Purple Bucket Exchange Station at your local business!  Support the sustainably-minded local community while driving traffic to your location on a continuous basis.  All of our residential customers use these self-service locations, with some locations drawing more than 30 customer visits weekly.  Best of all, we do ALL of the work!

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Colorado is in need of more community micro-composters.  We can help you get started!  We'll provide the website, payment processing, platform level marketing, customer service support, and much more.  You can focus on collecting food scraps and making compost.

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Start sustainably managing your food waste today!  Whether you want to do-it-yourself or have us take care of it, there's an option for everyone.  Thank you for doing your part!

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Purple Bucket Exchange Station Hosts
(listed alphabetically by city)

Bailey, CO

Bailey Depot Feed



*10% Discount for PBC Members

Conifer, CO

Mountain Resource Center - Conifer C
Castles and Kitchens - Conifer B



*Free Dessert Tasting for PBC Members

Kings Emporium - Conifer A
Aspen Park Vet Hospital - Conifer D



*10% Discount for PBC Members

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