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We Need You!

We're here to recruit more people to start composting!

Do it for yourself.

Do it for your neighbors.

Do it as a side hustle.

Or make a career out of it.

Regardless of the 'HOW' & 'WHY', we need YOU!

With Purple Bucket Compost on your side,

you don't have to worry about:

  • building a website. We've got you covered!

  • managing social media. We'll do that for you!

  • accepting & managing payments / subscriptions. We'll take care of that!

  • learning to compost the hard way. We can shortcut that process!

We can also help to supply new community composters

(equipment, tools, etc...) for FREE!



Complete the form below and let's get to work!

Contact us to learn more

Learn more about becoming a Host, Farm Partner, Micro-Composter, or Customer...

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Our Community Partners


Purple Bucket Exchange Station Hosts
(listed alphabetically by city)

Bailey, CO

Bailey Depot Feed


*10% Discount for PBC Members

Conifer, CO

Mountain Resource Center - Conifer C
Castles and Kitchens - Conifer B



*Free Dessert Tasting for PBC Members

Kings Emporium - Conifer A
Aspen Park Vet Hospital - Conifer D



*10% Discount for PBC Members

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