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Common Contamination

One of the biggest challenges of composting (on a larger than backyard scale) is CONTAMINATION! While many items break down quickly and efficiently, others are slow and may even stop the pile from 'cooking' entirely. Here are a few of the contaminants we find every week.

  1. Produce Labels - these are in the majority of buckets. Please remove all produce labels prior to placement in your Purple Bucket. Thanks!

  2. Plastics - PLASTICS ARE NOT COMPOSTABLE! Enough said : )

  3. Items labeled either "compostable in industrial facility" or "commercially compostable". Anything with these labels should not be in your Purple Buckets. These items require industrial shredders and DO NOT break down in traditional static piles.

    1. Unfortunately, "compostable" k-cups fall into this category and are not for your Purple Bucket. Generally, all "compostable" hard plastics fall in here too.

  4. Pits from avocados, plums, peaches, cherries, etc.. These items can take over a year to break down.

We'll continue to post here and on social media with examples of what can and cannot go into your Purple Bucket. Thank you for helping us create beautiful, rich, clean compost!

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