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No longer accepting 'compostable' plastic bags

After several months of experimentation, we have decided to STOP using compostable plastic bags. While they do break down eventually, they also reduce air flow to the pile, which reduces the speed at which everything else breaks down. With industrial grinders, plant-based plastics will compost but they do not compost efficiently under natural conditions.

You will begin seeing buckets without bags this week. Unfortunately, these bags will have to be treated as a contaminant moving forward and will not be composted. We were hoping for a different outcome, as these bags are convenient at times, but the piles have spoken and (for now) we must abide : )

We are continuously working to expand our capacity and the types of items that we can receive. As we grow those capabilities, restrictions will continue to be reduced.

In the meantime, every pound counts! Drop those scraps right into a bare Purple Bucket and keep 'em coming!

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