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Thank You for Skipping the Bags!

Why can't we use compostable bags?

That's a question we receive almost every week. The "No Plastic (Even if Labeled as Compostable) Rule", is also the most ignored guideline. So why do we have such a rule?

Why wouldn't we want these items?

1: The contents of the bag do not break down efficiently UNTIL the bag has broken down first, exposing the contents to the rest of the pile. It's an extra layer that slows down the process.

In the image below, this compostable bag was found when turning over an 8 week old pile. You can see that the bag is nearly intact (left). When emptied (right), you can see that the contents haven't begun to break down like the rest of the pile.

2: Many (or most) products that are labeled as compostable only break down appropriately in industrial composting environments.

These large facilities utilize heavy equipment and VERY LARGE quantities of organic material in order to ensure a stable composting environment (temperature, air flow, moisture). The greater the mass, the more stable the pile is, creating a better environment to rapidly grow the microorganisms that do the real work. This level of control isn't always achievable for smaller community composters, so we focus on what we can control. The first item on that list is the reduction of contamination.

Try this instead of bags:

1: Drop your food scraps straight into your Purple Bucket.

It may make the bucket dirtier, but it makes the compost cleaner (and we're washing the bucket either way : )

2: try a small bin for the kitchen, and leave your Purple Bucket tucked away in the garage. Click here for a dishwasher safe countertop bin option, that will keep odors away.

Thank you for doing your part to keep the compost clean!

Have a great day!


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