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A quart jar full of our finest barrel-aged mountain community compost.  A scrap of fabric is used to close the jar (along with a mason jar ring) to allow oxygen transfer and to add a splash of color.  These make GREAT GIFTS!


Made entirely from locally-sourced inputs including the residential food scraps from customers like you!  Our finished  & sifted product has been barrel-aged, resulting in a mature compost that's full of rich organic matter, rather than dry wood chips.


Fresh compost becomes available throughout the year.  However, it does go quickly and the supply is limited.  When we sell out of compost it will likely only be a few days or weeks before the next batch is ready.  Pre-order early to be safe.  Please email if you have any questions.

Quart Jar - Barrel-aged Mountain Community Compost

SKU: 1701
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