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Join PBC's expanding network of Professional Backyard Composters today!  

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Join us as a Professional Backyard Composter!  Choose a scale that fits your life.  From side hustle to full time gig, it's up to you!

PBC provides

  • Directory listing for each composter including coverage area, drop-off location(s), services, costs, photos, terms, etc...

  • Enrollment services & payment processing using our website & app

  • Platform-level marketing

  • Customer service assistance

  • Community engagement articles.  Community composters are encouraged to join us in sharing articles about all aspects of the composting world.  From collection to sifting, marketing to community outreach.  The more we can learn from each other, the less we have to learn the hard way.

  • Details and guidance on composting requirements & regulations in Colorado

  • Funding assistance, including potential grants

  • Educational opportunities, including articles and certification courses.

Professional Backyard Composters (that's you) focus on:

  • Collecting food scraps (several options)​

  • Processing food scraps into compost

  • Selling and donating finished compost

  • Telling everyone you know!

Whether you want to compost for your block, or for your entire town, we can help clear the path ahead.  Skip the cost, labor, and headaches associated with building a website and app, payment processing & invoicing, customer service, and much more. 


Click below to reach out today OR email directly at .

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