Consulting: Customized Compost, Garden, & Homestead Services

We're here to help!  We can assist in a variety of composting, gardening, and homesteading projects.  Keep scrolling to contact us and request a quote.

Whether you're looking for a composting solution, you need a little help building your garden beds, OR you want to see what it would take to raise a few chickens, we can help!  

Our passion is homesteading!  Our homesteading adventures led to our composting adventures, and now we're ready to share the lessons we've learned and the mistakes we've made, along with the successes that all of that work led to.

Our rates are dependent upon the type of work requested.  We'll provide a quote and ensure we have a clear understanding of what you want before you are charged a cent.

What project have you been wanting to start?  Here are a few of the tasks we can help with, but please let us know what interests you. 

  • Organics Waste Solutions for Home AND/OR the Office

    • Compost Bins / Piles​

      • Open OR Fully Contained​

      • Manufactured Product OR Custom Construction

      • User Managed OR Managed by PBC

      • Worm Composting

  • Gardening Services

    • Raised Bed Design / Construction​

    • Raised Bed Fill

    • Compost Delivery

    • Compost Application / Spread

    • Drought Management / Water Conservation Techniques

    • Adjustments for High Altitude Gardening 

  • Miscellaneous Homestead Services

    • ​Garden Design / Construction​

    • Raising Small Livestock (chickens, ducks, goats, pigs, etc...)

      • Basic Needs

      • Design & Construction​

      • Collecting and Storing Eggs, Milk, etc...

      • General Maintenance & Recurring Health Checks

    • Tank Raised Fish as a Food Source (tilapia, trout, etc...)

    • Aquaponics / Hydroponics

How Can we Help?

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