Customized Solutions: Composting, Waste Reduction, Homesteading, and More

We're here to help!  We can assist in a variety of composting, waste reduction, and homesteading projects.  Keep scrolling (or click the button above) to contact us and request a quote.

Starting at $35 per hour, our rates are dependent upon the type of work requested.  From waste management analysis to customized compost & gardening solutions, we'll provide a FREE quote and ensure we have a clear understanding of what you want long before work begins.


What project have you been wanting to start?  Here are a few of the tasks we can help with...

  • Waste Solutions for Home AND/OR the Office

    • Custom Compost Bins / Piles​

      • Open OR Fully Contained​

      • Manufactured Products OR Custom Construction

      • User Managed OR Managed by PBC

    • Waste Management Analysis (to identify opportunities to reduce waste at home and/or the office)

  • Gardening Services (*COMING IN 2023*)

    • Raised Bed Fill

    • Compost Delivery

    • Compost Application / Spread

  • Miscellaneous Homestead Services (our family is continuously experimenting with various sustainability/homesteading projects. We're happy to shortcut the learning process for other families whenever possible)

    • ​Garden Design / Construction​

    • Raising Small Livestock (chickens, ducks, goats, pigs, etc...)

      • Basic Needs

      • Design & Construction​

      • Collecting and Storing Eggs, Milk, etc...

      • General Maintenance & Recurring Health Checks

    • Tank Raised Fish as a Food Source (tilapia, trout, etc...)

    • Aquaponics / Hydroponics 101

    • Vermicomposting (worms!) ​

    • Do you Have any Other Projects in Mind?  Reach Out!  


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