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Sorting things out - Plastics

It's up to all of us to sort our waste appropriately. By failing to do so, we are reducing the amount of diverted waste AND driving costs UP for all services.

Check back regularly for tips on which bin to put your waste in.

Today, we're looking at plastics...

  1. Avoid single use plastics whenever possible! These throwaway items, including most straws and plasticware, are going to the landfill. Switch to reusable items to reduce your impact, and don't forget to say "no straw please" the next time you're at your favorites restaurant.

  2. Discard lids from your plastic containers before recycling them. This includes caps AND pumps.

  3. Plastic "clam shells" and other plastic takeout containers, are not recyclable. Also not recyclable, plastic egg cartons, produce cartons (used for strawberries and other produce), etc...

  4. Plastic bags, such as grocery bags, cannot go into your recycling bin. However, they can be returned to the stores for recycling.

  5. No Styrofoam in your recycling or compost bins.

  6. Check out to recycle some of the items that shouldn't be in your regular recycling bin.

  7. Plastics of all kinds should be left out of your Purple Bucket and/or your home compost bin.

More sorting tips to come soon. Thank you!

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