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Baby steps towards sustainability...

“If all of the food waste and yard trimmings that were landfilled in 2015 had been composted instead, it would have resulted in net negative emissions of 14.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide – equivalent to taking over 3 million cars off the road that year.”

Source: 'Composting in America', USPIRG, Full article here.

Composting locally not only reduces our community's carbon footprint, it also serves to improve our local aquifers, reduce erosion, and reduce carbon loss that (if left unchecked) will result in a planet that cannot support natural plant life. This is just the tip of the (rapidly melting) iceberg. Check out this article (A. Rominger, 2020) for more info on why composting and soil restoration is critical to turning the tide on climate change.

“A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Don't worry ... the task isn't as overwhelming as it seems, though we will all have to play our part. Simple steps such as separating food scraps for compost pickup, or setting up your own backyard compost pile can reduce your landfill contributions and your carbon footprint by 50% or more. It really is as simple as changing a habit to change the world.

In the end, you reap what you sow. It's up to each of us:


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